Thursday, January 26, 2012


There are soooooo many options and so many things to consider when narrowing down the menu.  I tried to take into account the most popular flavors but also fun & trendy ingredients.  I'll be adding flavors & Liquor Infused Sweets to the menu too!


It's Your Birthday (Your traditional yellow birthday cake but in a pop! Yellow Cake with buttercream frosting and LOTS of colored sprinkles inside!)

C Times 3 (Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chip morsels for the chocolate lover in you!)

Red Velvet (Moist, mildly cocoa-flavored red velvet cake with cream cheese!)

Lemon Drops (Lemon cake with a hint of lemon zest and cream cheese frosting)

Strawberry Lemonade (Strawberry cake with a KICK! Lemon buttercream to surprise your taste buds!)

Vanilla Surprise (Vanilla cake with caramel inside for a surprise & topped with vanilla caramel buttercream!)


Peanut Butter Heaven (Chocolate cake smothered with peanut butter chips and coated in a peanut butter flavored candy shell!)

Cookies & Cream (Vanilla cake with lots of Oreo chunks & an oreo buttercream on top!)

Samoa (If you like Samoa Girl Scout Cookies then this is for you! Chocolate, coconut and caramel flavors with a caramel buttercream frosting!)

Black Cherry (Moist chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate-covered cherry center, topped with a fresh cherry swiss meringue buttercream frosting!)

Sweet & Salty (Can't make up your mind if you want sweet or salty? Don't worry, we have a chocolate cake with buttercream dabbled with a few pretzels on top!)

Banana Chocolate Chip (Ripe bananas and chocolate chips compliment each other well with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting!)

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